Category: ICoEC 2005 Proceedings
Author: Yeop Hussin Bidin
Year: 2005
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Customer complaints and compliments are useful performance indicators of a business enterprise. They are feedback that reveals quite the usual and also the unusual character of the business. Customers that are aggrieved and dissatisfied however tend not to file or voice their complaints because of several reasons. These reasons point to some extent, the way management of an enterprise handles or entertains such complaints. Studies in customers’ complaints have shown that accessibility to the company will encourage customers to give their prompt feedback regarding service problems or the uncomfortable encounters they may have had with the organization. The advances of Internet technologies are quite appropriate and timely given the advantages they provided to the solving of customers complaints or problems. Spontaneous and immediate respond to complaints are made possible by the accessibility to the management via the e-commerce facilities. Hence, the emphasis on recovery of service underlines the challenges ahead for most business enterprises in Malaysia to effectively manage grievances of their customers. An analysis of procedures to customers’ complaints indicated the bureaucratic nature of complaints handling in these enterprises. Customers want their problems to be solved ‘there and then’ and expected managers to resolve them immediately. It is rather fortunate that e-commerce has provided that opportunity to make it up with these aggrieved customers. A service recovery concept in the modern era of Internet is also suggested as vital means to create value in satisfying the customers.

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