Category: ICoEC 2005 Proceedings
Author: Mohd Yusof Ishak, Yusof Ismail
Year: 2005
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E-commerce appears to be a complementary method of doing business. It is hypothesized that to provide the enterprises the opportunity to generate revenues. Its adoption requires the emplacement of ICT infrastructure within the enterprise, while the levels of sophistication, requirements, and expenditure for E-commerce operations vary across enterprises. Due to the significant contributions of SME’s to large enterprises, it is of interest to find out their experience in using e-commerce. The study administered a two-page structured questionnaire on a sample of 160 SME’s located in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur based on the list of enterprises obtained from SMIDEX. The instrument was sent through ordinary mail (50), facsimile (90), and hand-delivered (20) in June 2003. The survey administration produced an effective response rate of 21.9 percent (i.e. 35 usable and 3 incomplete questionnaires). The results show that E-commerce has been used as a complementary method of doing business. Enterprises were not sure whether E-commerce has generated incremental revenue. Being a complimentary tool, method does not reduce the need for face-to-face interaction with customers. The impediments to use Ecommerce are predominantly Internet related, and they include security, and unstable and slow data communications.

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