Category: ICoEC 2005 Proceedings
Author: Pang Leang Hiew, Chin Chin Wong
Year: 2005
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Hitherto, there has been little research on the consumption of mobile technologies in Malaysia. A clear definition allows telcos to focus on the most crucial part of their business and prevent them from repeating the costly mistakes of the recent past by entering and subsequently exiting, non-core businesses and markets. This paper seeks to address the current state of telcos in Malaysia by presenting constructive evidence as recent as second quarter of 2004. This paper offers a compilation of mobile services consumption in a number of leading countries in order to map possible future scenarios on the use of mobile technologies locally. It is only recently that industry has begun to broaden its views of the mobile consumers to include deeper understanding of users’ behaviour. Predictions of increasing revenue from mobile services in the future depend ultimately on the successful development and the satisfaction of an end-user market rather than technical development. This paper serves as foundation for further studies concerning the factors influencing the adoption of mobile entertainment services.

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