Firms are moving from network based supply chain to ecommerce based supply chain .It’s a process where the firms will integrate and coordinate suppliers, manufacturers, logistic channels and customers using internet platform. USA National Research Council Committee on Supply Chain Integration has defined the integrated process (e-commerce and supply chain ) as an association of customers ,suppliers and manufacturer who, using defined management processes ,work together to optimize their collective performance in the creation, distribution ,and support of an end product over the full product life cycle. In today’s business environment, most OEM manufacturers no longer compete only as autonomous corporations. They actually compete in terms of integrated supply chains. This had forced the players in the market to always keep improving their supply chain. Due to this, firms are looking at e-commerce based supply chain as a solution . For the purpose of this paper we had discussions with a supply chain manager of an multinational electronic company. From the discussion we manage to capture the picture, how the e-commerce based supply chain processes actually work. In this article we had listed the processes involve within the entity that exist in the e-commerce based supply chain [ATM, Logistics, Supplier, Distributor and Customer].We had also highlighted the benefits gain by the e-commerce based supply chain players especially by the manufacturer(ATM).

Keywords: e-commerce, assembly test manufacturing; supply chain management

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